Шедьоври от цветна паста

Линда Милър е международно признат производител на тестени изделия.

Filming a short doc with @ohmoretv & you can bet your bootie pasta clothing is part of it.

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Тя редовно се появява в националната телевизия в нейното шоу за тестени изделия.  Линда определено обожава готвенето и цветовете, а силата й е да ги комбинира. В профила й в Instagram, може да се натъкнем буквално на уникални произведения на изкуството, направени от паста. Макароните които приготвя са във формата на цветя, животни, панделки, бонбони и каквото още можете да си представите.

PASTA PURSE Bag made entirely of pasta because I am insane & also because I ❤ the original I based it on, designed by @bensmithstudios for @zaczacposen. Where he uses a rubber drip pattern, I use vegetables, eggs, & flour. His has the advantage of durability, but mine tastes better filled with lasagna & baked. Let’s play a fun game: name something you keep in your purse/manbag that you think no one else does. Tag your friends to play, too. I’ll go first- Tajin, my spice bae. & in case you wanted to know more about the construction of this edible satchel, I made & froze lasagna, then carved it into the bag shape. Next, I wrapped it with a base pasta sheet adhered by water. I made the top flap from another plain sheet adorned with fused fettuccine strips, & the handle with gnocchi wrapped in more fettuccine. I had to pre-bake the handle to get it to hold the shape, then attach it to the purse with water & a lot of patience holding it while it dried. I think it will die in the oven, but at least it will be a hawt, delicious mess. I the confluence of food, art & fashion. This weird thing looks a lot like what I imagine you’d find if you peered inside my brain. To see pics of the I made this super legit knockoff of (like so legit homies are totes selling my version for on Canal St), check the creator & designer pages: @bensmithstudios @zacposen @zaczacposen

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I’m on vacation in Nicaragua for my birthday, which is today, & I have a few observations. 1. If you want to escape Christmas because your birthday is 3 days before Jesus’ & you’re sick of sharing with him, maybe a Latin country isn’t the best place to go. I mean, there is literally a gigantic Jesus statue watching my every move from a big hill overlooking town, so I guess there’s no escaping him. 2. I haven’t made pasta in almost a week & I’m missing it desperately. 3. This is one of the last pasta creations I made before skipping town, & it totally has a Christmas candy vibe, so I guess in my ❤ of ❤s, I must not want to escape the season as much as I thought. The benefit of this awesome type of noodle is just how much sauce loves to cling to it. Imagine the gorgeous holiday lasagna you could make layering these babies with bechamel & bolognese? I hope you all have a fabulous few days of respite, whatever you’re celebrating, & if you want to get me a birthday gift, please be kind to a stranger today, as this can be a rough time of year & you never know what people are going through.

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This fusilli is among the silliest I’ve made, but it tempers its eccentric appearance by packing a healthy punch.

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